I SAID I’d post pictures!

First, a bored travel selfie, because what are teenagers without selfies?

Flemingsburg, anyone?

My favorite sight on the whole trip. Cincinnati got creative!

We made it!

And thanks to Rosie, unpacked my room the same night. Isn’t it just the loveliest place? I’m afraid I’ll want to bring it home with me.

The night we went to the Ulrichs, we stood and admired their black-faced sheep for a while. They were very interested in us too.

Ah, the chaos of the classroom.

This is especially for mom, to show her that we actually eat better than just ramen noodles all the time! I thought this wasn’t too shabby for our first cooked meal. 🙂

This sky here… I can’t get enough!

And here’s a corn field selfie to finish it off. We decided that we were camping in the cornfield. I know, that was low. 🙂


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