Random facts in no particular order

Linn lost the softball game on Tuesday night, so that was the end of them being in the tournament. Sad, because I wanted to watch them play some more.

My stairs have one step that creaks on the way up, and two that creak on the way down. Can anyone explain that?

There is an Indian man in church here, married to an American, and the food that comes out of their house is amazing. I think I should make friends with them.

I ate funeral food on my birthday, but it wasn’t all bad, because somebody had brought curried quinoa which was so good that Rosie talked to Lois (Ulrich) and she gave us all the leftovers. Sneaky!

Our fridge is so stuffed with food that we have barely had to cook yet. One day when we arrived at school we found a huge stash of food from Tammy, who is a former teacher. So huge that we’ve been eating off it for days, and still haven’t finished it all. Things like lasagna ready to bake, and chocolates, and mac n cheese and other delectable items.

Stacie is a MORNING PERSON, and Tricia and I are NOT. So she doesn’t talk much to us in the mornings, and we don’t ask her questions when she’s sleepy in the evenings. So we have this small window of time when nobody is sleepy that we can communicate. Ha.

Tonight the church is cleaning the school, with the promise of root beer floats to follow. So I shall get to see how people show up for this kind of event. I have discovered that they are definitely more friendly than our church, now I shall see if they are also more helpful. I have a sneaking suspicion they are.

Yesterday I talked to Kyle Burkholder, who is a young guy that moved here to work as an airplane mechanic. He mentioned something about the Juniata River, which of course piqued my interest, as it would have any good Mennonite’s. So I asked him, and sure enough, he is from Juniata county, and his family regularly buys shoes at Uncle Aden’s shoe store. We were both fairly surprised to find that connection.

There is a rooster outside our house which has no concept of night and day. It’s good we don’t have a shotgun, or Stacie would likely have seen to it that there would be no more rooster. He belongs to our neighbors, and crows loudly into Stacie’s window at any hour of the night that he pleases. Perhaps I shall have to gift her a pair of earplugs for her birthday.

On my birthday we stopped at Walmart to buy yet Another phone charger for me (I go through those like water), and so I bought pickles and olives and popcorn, to make me happy. Tricia bought four pounds of twizzlers, which is her favorite food in the world, apparently, although you wouldn’t know it to look at her skinny little (tall) self. Anyhow, now when I’m lonely I can pull out my jar of crunchy little pickles and console myself.

Last night the youth had a surprise farewell party for Wendell, who is leaving for IGo in just a few days. Everybody was supposed to bring a food that looked gross, but was edible, then they gave prizes for the grossest looking, and the best tasting. People were terribly creative, bringing things like dirty Q-tips, and deer guts, and pudding with a mouse drowning in it. My puking pumpkin won the grossest prize, although I thought there were plenty things that looked worse. I’ll post pictures later of a few of the worst things. It was rather fun. After dinner they played Ultimate Frisbee in the dark with a glowing frisbee, and way too many people on a tiny field. After they had worn themselves out, they sat on the porch and Bradley played guitar and we sang. That did my heart good. 🙂

I’m working on exploring the local coffee shops. So far I’ve been to Mika’s in Eureka, and The Blend in Washington, which we went to on my birthday. The Blend is the classy kind, with leather couches and booths and lovely big band songs playing, and Mika’s is more eclectic and collegey. Mika’s is my favorite so far, which is nice, since it’s also the closest, and also right across the road from a little thrift store with very cheap stuff.

Saturday night I took my mopey self to the Kennell’s house and used internet while Stacey was on a date and Tricia was shopping with her siblings. Lynette FaceTimed me, and the four girls that went to the beach together sang me a birthday spoof of the Jungle from Lion King, which made me laugh till I cried. They’d been practicing it for hours, and actually sounded really good! That’s why all their beach pictures online have been hashtagged #wimowehs.

Here’s the thing: the airport in Peoria is ideal to fly out of alone. It is pretty much as tiny as an international airport could be, and there is no way you could get lost in it unless you had a bag over your head. You can park for free right by the front door, and if you don’t feel like walking the fifty yards into the airport, there is a shuttle that can take you to the door. Ha. The only bad thing about it is that there is no Starbucks in it. What is an airport without Starbucks? Rosie and I sat and languished without coffee for a long time, then finally she went into the bar/restaurant which is the only thing outside of security, and came out with a little styrofoam cup of black coffee. So that works if one is desperate.

My computer is so old that it doesn’t recognize words like Starbucks and FaceTimed and hashtag. It’s quite amusing.

I should go and eat breakfast and pack myself a healthy lunch and hie myself to school like a good girl. I decided there was no hurry to go this morning, since I will be there late, cleaning school and eating (drinking? eanking.) rootbeer floats. I still have to make a chore chart for cleaning on Fridays, and a behavior chart of sorts. Ideas anyone????!!!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


4 thoughts on “Random facts in no particular order

  1. Yuck.

    Your puking pumpkin was great.

    This is the good thing about Rachel being away: getting to read her stories. The bad thing is, she can’t even see where she makes us laugh. 🙂


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