The day before school, aka, the calm before the storm


Forgive me if my sky pictures get redundant. It’s just, there is so much sky out here, and it changes all the time, and there are so many cool old barns here, and I’m so enthralled with B&W sky pictures right now!


Ok, it’s time for you to see my classroom now. Most of these awesome things Rosie created. I am forever indebted. If you have kids ever, Rosie, I can come and decorate their rooms in Dr. Seuss for you.

My door is one of my latest additions. I love how it takes my theme outside of the classroom, and makes the kids curious what is inside.


The portraits are compliments of Rosie. The fish in the bag is Stacie’s new mascot, Alfred the Greatest, on his way to his new scholarly home. These are taken right outside my house, so you see, I really do live on a farm!

The next pictures are from a surprise farewell party thrown for Wendell Kennell who is leaving for IGo today. There was a grossest food contest, which turned out super creative.



Jello earthworms and butterscotch Q-tips

A mouse drowned in pudding


And my personal favorite, punch from a creek into which Lucky Charms dumps their refuse. I hope the sign is legible enough to get the gist of what it said. It was pretty clever, and complete with a can for donations.

And last but not least, my puking pumpkin which won the prize for the grossest, even though I didn’t think it was! So now I am equipped with a large plastic prize grasshopper to play pranks with.

And that’s all you get this time.

P.S. Now accepting comments on all posts.


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