Some pictures of various things and people


Here are the crowds at Choice Books on Wednesday, busily being sociable and labeling a few books.

Here are a few of the names I’ve mentioned. The guy sitting on the cart is Grant, and the guy in the gray tee shirt with the hair is Kyle. It’s not a very flattering picture of anybody, but that’s what happens when you try to sneak pictures.

Josh had a birthday yesterday, so his mom brought these cupcakes for the class. Aren’t they hilarious?

This is a picture Ryan colored in school which I thought perfectly described his personality. As you will notice, the dog’s head and under the fishing pole are not colored, because they aren’t specifically marked what color to do them. But the rest of the picture is very neat. Funny child.


My sky. ❤️

Selfish you. (Thanks Rhoda. 🙂 )




And I’ll finish with my little post-Sunday school rant. Hah.


2 thoughts on “Some pictures of various things and people

  1. I bet everybody was SOOO impressed with your fast book labeling skills.

    I see my car in that one picture. MY CAR! Are those also still the flowers we picked together?

    Why do I get this feeling that Josh and Ryan are going to be the ones that stay in for recess most often?


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