The sink is full of dishes, supper hasn’t been thought of yet, my legs are jiggling to say that I haven’t been running in a while, my journal is crying to be filled, and my head is begging to be emptied onto its pages, my room is dirty, my laundry baskets are full, my piano and guitar are getting dusty, my reading is falling behind, and all I want to do is nothing. So, I’m writing you instead, to delay all these other things.

Here’s the thing: post-company-from-home-hangovers are the pits. But it’s still worth having people come. Today was gray and rainy and work was difficult and I was depressed and it all fit together. But the sun sure shone while Philip and Kerri and Sarah were here!

On Saturday we went to Chicago to see the city and eat pizza and to see the fire festival that celebrated the rebuilding of Chicago. The festival was a joke, due to electrical malfunctioning, but the 60,000 people gathered to see it were fun, and the pizza was amazing. I want to go back now, and take in more of the city. Ah, how I love cities.




There were jolly firemen on little fire boats, and houses that were supposed to burn down, and fireworks, and music. Melody Brubaker met us in the city, and Kyle went along to keep Philip company and to drive, since the three other people I asked couldn’t. In the top reflection picture you should be able to pick out our group if you look carefully.



We took “phelphies” and ate amazing food and coffee shopped and just had fun being together.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Philip has some great news to tell! Ask him about his cupcake story.

The day Kerri and Philip flew out, the farmers were harvesting the field beside school, so they kindly gave our kids rides. I love this picture of Josh and Ryan. I think they’re adorable.

Last night I drowned my sorrows with Pho Tai at a Vietnamese place with the youth girls in Peoria. It was very much a comfort food, and the girls had the amusement of watching me eat noodles with chopsticks, since I was the only one given chopsticks somehow.

That’s all for now. Hopefully writing has driven some inspiration for the rest of my work into myself. 😖
Be good!


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