I see that some of you dear souls keep checking my blog, and guess what; I keep not writing! I have pretty good excuses though, so I don’t feel too bad.

Juli was here. For almost a whole glorious week, I got to have a cousin to haul to school, and to eat greasy things with, and to try to find open coffee shops with, and to do my work for me. And work she did! She took the story “Where Love Is, God Is,” by Tolstoy, and wrote up a play for us using the original and a bunch of different scripts, since we didn’t like any of the scripts that we had. What’s with people thinking that they can outdo Tolstoy and write better versions of the story than he did, anyhow? Silly people. But I didn’t only work her- we had lots of fun together too. Olives and ginger beer and movies and shopping and coffee and such things. I was very glad to get her.

After Juli left, I had what was probably the worst day of school yet. Tuesday the kids were complete little brats- so bad I quite lost my temper with one which isn’t such a great feeling, and I was having a post-company-hangover, and my boyfriend had just moved to Chicago, 2 hours and 45 minutes away, and I was PMSing. Lovely, lovely combination. I was going to write that day all about school, then my kids were so bad that I thought I’d better wait till I love them a little more. So I was lying on my bed depreciating, when I heard a truck drive in the lane. I didn’t think too much of it, because the Zosses drive in and out all the time. Then I heard doors downstairs, but Stacie and her mom were down there, then the steps started creaking. It’s a little unusual for Stacie to come upstairs, so I was listening, when I heard a child’s voice, immediately followed by “Shhh.” I popped out of my room, saw Michael and Rhoda and the kids rounding the corner, and burst into tears as I hugged them. 🙂 It was a marvelous surprise, and Tricia was so proud of herself for keeping the secret so well. My school kids positively doted on Brandon and Judson, coloring pictures for Brandon and bringing extra candy to school for him, and begging to hold Judson. I loved having them here for several days, and my sadness at their departure was only assuaged by the fact that Thanksgiving is so close. We ended our time together with Thai food and lattes while watching snow fall, which was lovely.

Friday night I had a date. Clearly I can’t blog and go on dates at the same time.

Saturday was too deliciously lazy to blog. I stayed in my PJs all day until I had to get dressed to go to the school sale. I’m still aspiring to stay in them till bedtime some Saturday, but I haven’t managed that yet. We teachers were all three at home till evening, so part way through the day Tricia texted one of her friends, and she came over and watched Sabrina with us as we drank tea. The school sale was kind of fun, since it’s a fundraiser and people bid ridiculously high on stuff on purpose. For example, one of the men pulled a pen out of another guy’s hand that was writing down the winning bidders, and sold it for $100. It was made out of a bullet, so it was slightly special, but certainly not that much. And plates of donuts would go for $50 or so. One of the girls who’s father is on the school board did a drawing that sold for $200. That was pretty cool.

Sunday (yesterday) we lunched at Sherri’s house, then I had to go tell my bf goodbye for who knows how long, so I couldn’t write then. After he left I could’ve, but instead I read a book called “Honeymoon for Seven,” which is rather delightful, by the way.

Right now I should very much be doing lesson stuff instead of writing, and I am planning all kinds of Christmassy things in between this post. Today was the start of practicing the program plays, and tomorrow we start practice on the music, so my life is full of things to think about. This Friday is the school spelling bee, in which students compete to see if they can compete in the ACSI regional spelling bee, and then in the national one. I’m in charge of that, so I have to figure out how everything works and do it. I’m also in charge of collecting and making props for all the skits, including a bed and a compete cobbler’s shop. Wish me luck, or send me Philip to make props for me. Thank you.

Oh, as a P.S. the school board just told us today that we get to have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off too, which makes me inordinately excited. I’m awfully glad to not have to drive through the night the day before the holiday.


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    1. “Why” is a question, therefore you should end it with a question mark. Also, only the first letter of each sentence is supposed to be capitalized. Also, quotes aren’t supposed to be in bold letters. Sorry, you get 65%.

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      1. Sure, but you still cannot write a question without a question mark! Rewrite. Also, let me bring to mind that being “unreasonable” is very relative, therefore self control should be used when your thumb moves near the caps lock key.


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