My book list

For those of you are interested, this is the list of books I read in 2014. I made it to 52, although I accidentally read one title twice.

The horse and his boy- C. S. Lewis
Swan house- E. Musser
Mary Emma and company- Ralph Moody
Toby Tyler-?
Masquerade- N. Moser (stupid)
Pied pier of Helfenstein- E. McCarthy
Miracle for Jen- L. Barrack
Gray Matter-?
The Littles- J. Peterson
Garlic and sapphires- Ruth Reichl (my favorite)
The jungle- Upton Sinclair (horrible, but worthwhile)
Daddy-long-legs- Jean Webster
The tale of Despereaux- Kate DiCamillo (the movie is better)
The good day mice- Carol Beach York
Dear enemy- Jean Webster
Mr. God this is Anna- Flynn
The mistress of Shenstone- Florence L. Barclay (I liked)
The magician’s nephew- C. S. Lewis
Let me be a woman- Elizabeth Elliot
Shaking the nickel bush- Ralph Moody
The dry divide- Ralph Moody
Carry on Mr. Bowditch- Jean Lee Latham
Leota’s garden- Francine Rivers (waste of time)
Biking across America- Paul Stutzman
Across China- Peter Jenkins
Mama’s bank account- Kathryn Forbes
The great and terrible quest- Margaret Lovett
The best Christmas pageant ever- Barbara Robinson
Little women- Louisa May Alcott
The pocket book of Ogden Nash
Do you think I’m beautiful- Angela Thomas
Big mountain, bigger God- Duane and Cindy Mullett
Voyage of the Dawn Treader- C. S. Lewis
Understood Betsy- Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Choosing to SEE- Mary Beth Chapman
Miracles in the ER- Robert D. Lesslie M.D.
One thousand gifts devotional- Ann Voskamp
Walk across America- Peter Jenkins
Son of Hamas- Mosab Hassan Yousef
The borrowers- Mary Norton
Hansi, the girl who loved the swastika- Anne Hirschmann
Let there be clothes- Lynn Schnurnberger (fun read)
Hitty, her first hundred years- Rachel Field
The borrowers afield- Mary Norton
Papa Dolphin’s table- Dorothy Gilman Butters
Honeymoon for seven- Alfred Toombs (funny)
Hurry home, Candy- Meindert DeJong
Preacher’s kids- Grace Nies Fletcher (does her name sound familiar, Troyers?)
The borrowers aloft- Mary Norton
The best Christmas pageant ever- Barbara Robinson (oops, my double)
O ye jigs and juleps- Virginia Cary Hudson

And that is that. Hallelujah three times also and amen twice. Revive us again.


8 thoughts on “My book list

    1. Remember the story in the literature book about the pale green suit that the girl desperately wanted, and couldn’t afford. And her mother made a charge account for it, then prayed desperately for couples to get married so she’d have their fees to put toward it.
      It’s from that book.


  1. Rachel I counted 24 books on your list that I have read, but only 3 of them that I read last year. That’s odd though since you lived in my house most of that time. Should we do more book sharing? I miss hearing from you. Either you are reading too much or that Boy is taking your time. Or mabe teachering is a full time job.


    1. Probably we should share more books, although if we read seperate ones, our collective range of knowledge is broader. 🙂 Why you haven’t been hearing from me is because I’ve been at home! Funny mom.


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