Of the winter arriving at last

When I got home, I jumped headfirst into trying to organize all be things I was in charge of for the ACSI spelling bee. Uh, Headache! I realized quite late that I had to find five volunteers to be helpers to register along with the students who are going, and so I was scrambling to find willing people in this land where I really don’t know that many people. Ugh. Not fun. Not to mention that ACSI’s website deserves front cover attention on some place like clientsfromhell.net. Raphael, if you ever need a project… It is the PITS to navigate!
Anyhow, I got all that stuff taken care of, and mailed off. That’s right, you have to send the forms by snail mail. Stone Age. And it felt like the kind of relief I imagine having a baby would feel like.


So, that same first week back at school, the weather decided to be cold. Very cold. And by that, I mean things like -25° windchill, complete with slippery snow to get stuck in, which I nearly did. You know that if Illinoisans close school because of the cold, it really is cold. And that’s what they did, three days in a row. It was really quite fun! We did things like rearranging our kitchen, and drinking lots of hot drinks, although our house hasn’t gotten too icy yet, and baking cookies at the Kennells, and lots of crocheting, and one day we three went to Hobby Lobby to spend some of our school board gift cards. What fun. I could live there!

The next week, however, was not so much fun. I had three days of school to catch up, then my student who most needs all his classes was sick for three days, so he got behind really fast since we were doubling up in stuff. Not fun at all. But that’s past, and we are all caught up now except seat work, which we should catch up in tomorrow. Hallelujah. And now tonight it’s sleeting and snowing, so if school would perchance be closed tomorrow, I’d at least be able to enjoy my day off instead of chewing my fingernails to the quick.

News bulletin:
Stacie and Bradley are engaged. Some weights to tie to her feet to keep them grounded for the rest of the school year might be nice.
I love winter. I really do. The mud on the warmer days is kind of hideous, but the snow and the biting cold are really quite fun.
We had popcorn day today at school, because it’s national popcorn day. That means, as much as the students can eat (pretty much), all day long. Imagine what my classroom floor looked like tonight, if you will.
There was an engagement at the ice rink when I was there for Kyle’s hockey game on Friday.
The school had a soup and pie benefit supper on Saturday. The school reeked of soup, and I felt very pleased with my three lovely pie crusts I contributed. 😇 Hopefully we made lots of money!
I went to a different church last Sunday (Harvest Bible Chapel) with Tammie and Tricia to hear some radio preacher Tam likes. The change of pace was nice, especially since my boyfriend was very missing.
Sunday evening youth was at Jon and Valerie Yoders. We had soft pretzel bites and rousing games of dominoes and Dutch blitz (I played with Trina and Alice). I went because Kyle thought I should be sociable. And he was right, like usual.
I decided the reason cops don’t much stop people for speeding in Chicago is because they’re all too busy putting corrupt politicians in jail.
I much prefer teaching things like grammar instead of phonics, I’ve discovered.

Josh has taken to writing letters to Kyle. It’s highly amusing.


Next up on the agenda:
The school board is taking us out for dinner sometime.
We have a meeting with them also this Thursday night, possibly.
The youth girls are invited to Sherri’s house Friday evening. Bring snacks or your favorite quesadilla ingredient.
Micah & Merry are coming to see me in two weeks or so, hopefully!
Stacie’s parents are coming out this weekend.
I might go to Chicago for church exploration in Sunday, if Kyle has off work. He unfortunately got put on a Sunday through Thursday shift, but he’s hoping he can bargain his Fridays and get some Sundays off, and also that he’ll get put on night shift soon, so he can go to church anyhow. So far he’s only had to work two Sundays yet.
I’m hoping to make a Dr. Seuss party for the 100th day of school. I have hats like cat in the hat, and pencils. My kids would be thrilled.
Also, Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means a party at school. Yay. Food. My room mother, who is the one who does the school parties, is very crafty, and makes the most adorable food for parties.
I’m also planning to do something small but special every day in February to shorten the month. Things like taking their shoes off, or doing classes in backwards order, or reading in the gym. Ideas would be appreciated. In fact, if anyone has any general ideas about school, say on!



5 thoughts on “Of the winter arriving at last

  1. I am so glad that you are enjoying the truly cold winter. It is easier to enjoy a cold winter that lasts until you are used to cold, than days or weeks of cold with lots of mediano weather and damp half-cold inbetween. When it’s cold like in Illinois, you have the proper clothing, and you get acclimated. Enjoy it while you can.

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    1. Like ideas for February:
      Have a campfire for pretend: sit on a carpet around candles and roast mini marshmallows while listening to audio stories.

      Attend school in footed pjs.

      Cut strips with the paper cutter and make 100 feet of paper chains.

      Bring the grandparents’ pictures to school and guess whose grandparents they are.

      Or do that with your baby pictures.

      Do all your classes orally instead of writing your homework answers.

      Every 15 minutes, stop and sing the “I know a little pussy” scale song.

      Let the teachers make the kids’ sandwiches with trick ingredients.

      Trace the children’s outlines on large sheets of papers and let them color and decorate each other.

      Paper hat day.

      Get the high school kids to do a science project or show and tell for you.

      Make paper pinwheels on their pencils and let them play with them all day.

      Do a foodie craft.

      Sing happy birthday to each child who has a summer birthday.

      Teach them the way down in the meadow we found today song.

      Write a poem on the chalkboard as the children give you lines. They say one line and you make a rhyme.

      Bring face paints and paint them all to look like their favorite animals.

      Put all the desks in a circle with the teacher in the middle.

      Tell them the stone soup story, then the next day have them all bring something to put in your crockpot of stone soup.

      Read them letters that Kyle wrote you.

      Show them how to make silly putty. Then let them play with it.

      When all else fails, tell them stories about your childhood.

      You could make silhouettes of their heads. and mount them on the wall.
      You could buy loops and teach them to weave on their fingers.

      You could bring in a large branch and have them hang it full of paper ornaments and notes.

      You could teach them to make origami pigs. and stuff like that.

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  2. Also, did everybody bring cheese and tortillas to Bring Your Favorite Quesadilla Ingredient night? Because while I like thing in my quesadillas cheese and tortillas are my favorite things. Because without them they aren’t quesadillas.


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