Sit down and I will tell you the story of my life.

I realize that titles are supposed to be capitalized, but I didn’t want to! Stop judging me. Just because I’m a schoolmarm doesn’t mean that I can’t make grammatical errors if I want to.

So. Where to start?! Two weekends ago, I decided that it was completely stupid to be so close to Micah & Merry and not go see them, so I marched over to Michigan (with a pit stop in Chicago for some lunch with a boy), and spent a lovely day with them, naming some brand new kids we watched being born, eating Crista’s maple pecan scones, and watching the snow fall. After the snow accumulation made me sufficiently nervous, I went back a dreary four hours home. I decided that I completely HATE driving long distances alone, especially since I always seem to do it at night, and I just about go bonkers. But anyhow, it was still worth it, seeing the redheads and Micah, and hanging out.

The next weekend Micah & Merry returned the favor, and sallied to Illinois to conocer my place. Micah arrived VERY disgruntled after the gps took him to the wrong place TWICE! Insert: when you come visit me and put in my address [1426 County Rd 1800 N, Roanoke IL], it will direct you to Main Street Benson IL, and that is correct. Follow it there. When you WRITE me, you can mail it to the Roanoke address. End of insert. I tucked them in bed (figuratively) after feeding Merry (literally). The next morning we moseyed out of bed, except Declan speeded the process by being awake and cheerful early. Merry made us omelettes because I made her (when you come see me I’ll probably make you cook.) and after a while we went to Eureka where we met Kyle for coffee at Mika’s, and where Merry and I toured a few shops. We sat there as long as decency allowed us, then came home where we made some stellar baleadas, if I say so myself. Kyle went off to a volleyball game planned for him, and Micah & Merry and I went over for just a wee bit to see the school and so I could gossip about the people to them. That night it snowed after raining for a while, and kept on snowing and snowing all day Sunday too. I’m glad my company made it safely home!

Sunday was so blowy and snowy that church was cancelled, so we had Tricia’s siblings over for a preaching dvd and lunch, and Norma came for lunch too because she had wanted to invite us. We had a great afternoon, building snowmen, writing a hilarious multiple choice ending story for Vernon (Bev’s bf), and eating popcorn. In the evening the Kennells left and we three teachers blew over to Norma’s house for some delicious pizza and a puzzle. We blew back home early because we thought there was a slight possibility there would be school, although we doubted it.

Well, morning arrives, with my nerves on edge waiting for a school board text canceling school, but it never comes. So we drag out of bed, drag through our breakfasts, and drag out to Tricia’s car, since we all decided to go together. Well. Tricia’s car has the doors frozen shut. After one or two were pried open, Tricia starts it and tries to back out, only to find that she was stuck. Well, time to move on to Stacie’s. Oh wait, every last door on Stacie’s car is VERY frozen shut. Back to Tricia’s. How about we get the snow shovel out of the trunk and dig her out? After inserting the key into the trunk and trying in vain to pry the frozen thing open, Tricia finds the key is now bent, the trunk is still shut, and now her car won’t start with a bent key! Ok, plan C. Rachel’s car, which is parked in and thoroughly drifted shut. Mind you, all this is happening in a wind chill of -14° or so, so we occasionally have to go thaw inside. Rachel pries one door open with the help of a knife, and starts her car, and the girls wait helplessly for Wendell to come plow them out, after plowing the school parking lot. All this has taken about 45 minutes, so now we are on the verge of being late for school. Finally Wendell arrives, plows out my car and opens Stacie’s doors, and we gingerly make our way to school to arrive after the first bell has already rung. The hall is packed with students who are gleefully aghast that their TEACHERS are LATE! We try to settle our flurried brains, cram together any last minute prep we had to do, and start school about five minutes late. Face palm. And all this on a day we had secretly been hoping would be a snow day. Sigh. What a day. I believe the snow behind the school is drifted about shoulder high on me, although I haven’t been brave enough to go see. It’s amazing.

Now Tuesday is over, and the week is falling into a pleasant routine. Yesterday I had the kids begin a colorful paper chain which we will work on all month. Already it’s half way across the room in bright loops from the ceiling. Today I called them by their middle names. They thought that was the bees’ knees. Tomorrow the plan is to do Health in the gym for a change. And so it goes.

Speaking of Health, yesterday I discovered to my horror that not one of these innocent littles has ever even heard of grits, much less tried it. So today I took grits to school, and I fed them each one spoonful, with varying degrees of success. Josh pretended it made him puke, but everybody else though it was grand. Even picky little Marshall put it right up there with oatmeal, which he LOVES. (What picky child likes oatmeal and tuna? He’s so strange.) Now their little worlds have been stretched one tiny little iota bigger. That’s my goal.

Today we finished “Understood Betsy”. That book was a great success. Josh even hoped in vain for a sequel. Next up is “The Good Master”, which I hope they like as well.

Have I ever told you Kari’s latest quote? I can’t remember, so I’ll tell you again. One day she pops up in class, “I see a baby in Miss Troyer’s stomach, and it’s saying, ‘Get married and let me out!'” I guffawed with laughter inside, and almost outside too.

The end.


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