A bullet point blog post

  • Nothing like a title for stating the obvious, right? 
  • I have three large containers of wasabi almonds, which cost me about $2. Arlene bought them at some bulk food store, not knowing what wasabi was. I ended up the happy recipient of most of them. 
  • Last week was an enormous Mennonite relief sale, not done by this church, to which Tricia and I went on Friday night to help with Choice Books. It was five massive rooms of vendors, including an auction, ten thousand villages, and donuts. The donuts were great, and the auction made me want to buy beautiful quilts. I didn’t.
  • This weekend Tricia and I are throwing a party for the older girls, all centered around a pretty pack of paper straws I have. I can’t just use paper straws by myself to drink my slimy, rusty water, now can I? I’m making zuppa tuscana, raspberry lemonade, and bread, and Tricia is making flan to have with our tea and truffles. I can’t wait. I miss having people over so much! I’m gonna decorate with my white things and my little succulent and my Rosemary plant. Not that you wanted to know that. 
  • Next weekend is Easter. Since we have two glorious days off of school, Tricia and I are going to PA for a Mexico reunion. I can’t wait for that either!!
  • Thursday night some CAM representative is speaking at church here. 
  • Only 8.5 weeks of school left, maybe less. Whatever the case, I’m well into my last semester. In fact, today I finished one of ABeka’s planned class periods, so for the rest of th year I get to spend the last class period doing fun stuff with my second graders, like Spanish and singing and learning the 5x table. That’s right, today they were begging me to teach them more multiplication. I don’t know what I did right! So I intend to have some extra math classes and advance them a little more. 
  • I’ll be looking for a job in May, so if anybody knows of anything, I’m all ears!
  • Mrs. Hooley badly wants me to teach next year, but I’m not planning to. She likes my teaching, which is a high compliment, since she is a PERFECTIONIST. She’s also awfully good at putting me on a guilt trip about not returning. 😛 
  • I’m in the middle of a frightfully interesting book about Texas called Giant. It’s the kind of book that makes me think, I’ll just read a wee bit more, and next thing I know it’s 10:30 PM.  Sigh. I just need to finish it so I can sleep again. Tricia’s having the same problem with Bleak House. Even worse, we starting watching it, all 8 hours or so, last Sunday, now we have to wait for her to finish her book so we can watch the rest. Grr. It’s a fascinating plot, full of dark characters, as Dickens usually is. 
  • Write me. Visit me. Call me. Text me. Thank you. 

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