Our Easter vacation was simply marvelous. Clearly Tricia wasn’t too sure about the drive out, but we made it safe and sound. 


First we went to York, to see her sister Michelle, and to eat good mexican and Chinese food and to go dumpster diving. Dumpster diving was simply tons of fun, because it felt so scandalous. Kyle said I need to get out more. 😛 Falling down the stairs wasn’t quite so much fun, but at least my bum had a few days to reinflate before we had to go all the way home. 


After York, we went to Reading to see Tyler and Cathy and Arlyn.  We had way way too much fun together, coffee shopping and eating mexican and watching minions and rehashing old jokes. We are a hilarious group, really. We all share kind of the same sense of humor and interests. It was delightful. 


 Pan dulce for breakfast, anyone?  



Not sure what’s up with Cathy.  


The city was gorgeous. I don’t know when I’ve seen a place so packed full of old stone churches. It was great fun walking through it and exploring. 


Ain’t we cute? 


Hello, Tyler’s chopped off head. 



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