A post I accidentally didn’t get posted…

So it’s a bit outdated, but I’ll post it anyhow.


Hello. With the school year coming to a rapid close (4.5 days left after today!), it is interesting to think about how all my life has been different here, and all the new things I’ve done. Following are a few of them, in no particular order.

1. I have eaten frog legs, squirrel, lychee fruit, and chicken feet. Those were each a first. The chicken feet and lychee were probably about the best tasting.

2. I have gone camping with a refrigerator.

3. I have cooked lots of green curry, and made granola bars, and baked bread to sell, and all kinds of culinary firsts.

4. I have lived in a room without an overhead light, with a ceiling so low that my hands touch it when I get dressed, and in a house with an honest to goodness attic from which I could get all kinds of furniture I wanted, or probably even a bedpan or walker if I wanted one of those.

5. I have attended youth Sunday School. When we left Texas I was so sad because I was just ready to move up to the next level, and now I have skipped all those levels, and gone straight to youth. Huh.

6. Teaching. Duh. I have been more of a parent than I have ever been before. I have tied so many shoes and bandaged scrapes and received so many prayer requests for loose teeth and chickens and that noses would stop running. I have tried to get fighting kids to make up, and scolded kids and received tons of notes and paper snowflakes and little paper hearts. And boy, do I know my special sounds and my five times table!

7. I have moved to a community alone where I knew one person. And I’m leaving with some friends and a boyfriend.

8. I have done lots and lots of grocery shopping. It kind of loses its appeal after a while. 😛

9. I have seen more snow than I ever remember, and certainly done more driving in it than ever before, and I didn’t get stuck in it once! I’m rather surprised at that.

10. The wind is new to me. Wow, it is intense! It rakes your leaves for you, and blows your snow, and burns lots of calories.

11. Never had I done so much speaking in front of a crowd. I am not even one bit sad that all my chapels are done for the year. Mrs. Hooley had chapel last week, and she had my kids and I sing a few songs, because she liked that I taught them new songs. So we sang “King Ahab” and the gray goose song, and the pussy willow song that Mom taught us as kids. It was kind of fun, although I forget how much playing an instrument in front of a crowd makes me shake.

12. I had a birthday on a funeral. 🙂

I’m not ready to come home in some ways, but I am ready to see you all again regularly and not just in crammed little weekends. By the way, have I told you that K is moving to DC about the same time I’m coming home?! He’ll be about 3 hours from his family and 6 from us (depending where in DC he lives) which is much nicer than 13. But the job is a new venture, so if it doesn’t work out for PrimeStar to continue the DC branch of their company, he’ll get shipped back to Chicago. So if any of you have any jets to repair, be sure to contact PrimeStar so he can stay there.

I’m at school now, listening to “Butterfly Waltz” on my little bomb of a speaker, and waiting for the kids to show up and fill my day with noise. Today my room mother (who is Brianna’s mother) is taking the kids and me to a park for my birthday. I know, it’s not my birthday, but who am I to complain? They often celebrate summer birthdays some random day in the school year. And the kids have taken notes home to their parents from Valerie, so I’m not quite sure what to expect.

Also today there is a blood drive in Metamora which I’m considering going to. I’ve wanted to donate blood for ages, but I have nobody to go with me and I’m not sure where it is. And tomorrow is a bridal shower for Melinda. We teachers bought her a vacuum, in case you wondered. She’s an awfully nice girl, and her fiance and Stacie’s fiance are in each others’ bridal parties. And Saturday K is playing at a volleyball tournament in Iowa or somewhere which I’m not going to, and Sunday we are going to Steve and Lois Ulrich’s house for dinner. The next Friday is graduation, and that Saturday is a youth farewell party for K and I, and wow, stuff keeps coming up. Oh, and one really fun thing we did lately is on Tuesday evening Tricia, Stacie, Tammie and I went to Megan Ulrich’s gorgeous apartment for butter chicken and naan. Every inch of the meal was delicious, and the company delightful, and the house completely charming. ‘Twas fun.


Winding Down

Track and Field day was our last big event of the year, besides graduation. It was much more fun than I thought it would be, except that we had a three way tie between the three teams, and the tiebreaker was not very easy. But the sunshine and pizza and slushies were lots of fun.


We only had one senior graduate this year, and four eighth graders, and three kindergarteners. I had to speak a little, which was completely terrifying in front of this big crowd, but I survived. 

The youth had a barn party at Phil and Holly’s house. Their house was sort of destroyed by a tornado a year and a half ago, and just yesterday they moved back in. So this was sort of a thank you party for all the people that helped with the work. Steve Ulrich, the pastor, had us play these games which his youth group used to play, which included this race to dress up and run to the other end of the barn, holding hands, and back and take the clothes back off. It was really quite fun. K and I got the fastest time, and Steve and Lois got second I think. Actually, the three actual couples who did it got the fastest times. Interesting. K and I were plotting how we would speed up the process while we watched the others, so that helped. 

The party was great fun until in a game of tag, Wendell forgot about the haymow and fell into the bull’s pen, ten or twelve feet below. The crowd hushed into a horrified silence, then rushed to see if he was ok. He didn’t hit his head, fortunately, but he is now in the hospital waiting to have surgery on one of the three breaks in his hip. Too bad! 

Sunday night I went to Leon and O’Tilia’s house for grilled lamb chops and other manner of delicious food. I had a great time listening to the chatter and eating. Leon is a very good chef. 

Today I went to school and finished it all up and locked my door and left my keys there. I felt a tiny bit weepy. I don’t want to come back next year, but I am a wee bit sad that Ashley gets to teach Ryan next year and not me. Well. Such is life. And now I’ll come home and work in Huck’s office and make money and relate with cranky adults instead of cranky kids. We will see how it goes!




Guys. I’m at a volleyball tournament. The things one does for love. Next thing you know I’ll be driving a jacked up truck and wearing cowboy boots. Or not. Anyhow, K and some other people went to Iowa for this fundraiser tournament, so I came along for the party. It’s been interesting, not gonna lie. 🙂  


On Thursday my room mother threw me a birthday party, since I had a summer birthday. A trip to the park, cake and presents, the whole works! It was rather a fun break from school. 


Megan invited us teachers and Tammie to her house for Indian food, as I mentioned. The food was delectable, and the company delightful. And her apartment is so cute. Now I wanna be a single nurse. 


Rosie may need counceling. Just a suggestion. 



Also, our field trip was quite nice.  


Lincoln dressed as Lincoln.  

The kindergarteners and Marshall. Aren’t they cute?