Winding Down

Track and Field day was our last big event of the year, besides graduation. It was much more fun than I thought it would be, except that we had a three way tie between the three teams, and the tiebreaker was not very easy. But the sunshine and pizza and slushies were lots of fun.


We only had one senior graduate this year, and four eighth graders, and three kindergarteners. I had to speak a little, which was completely terrifying in front of this big crowd, but I survived. 

The youth had a barn party at Phil and Holly’s house. Their house was sort of destroyed by a tornado a year and a half ago, and just yesterday they moved back in. So this was sort of a thank you party for all the people that helped with the work. Steve Ulrich, the pastor, had us play these games which his youth group used to play, which included this race to dress up and run to the other end of the barn, holding hands, and back and take the clothes back off. It was really quite fun. K and I got the fastest time, and Steve and Lois got second I think. Actually, the three actual couples who did it got the fastest times. Interesting. K and I were plotting how we would speed up the process while we watched the others, so that helped. 

The party was great fun until in a game of tag, Wendell forgot about the haymow and fell into the bull’s pen, ten or twelve feet below. The crowd hushed into a horrified silence, then rushed to see if he was ok. He didn’t hit his head, fortunately, but he is now in the hospital waiting to have surgery on one of the three breaks in his hip. Too bad! 

Sunday night I went to Leon and O’Tilia’s house for grilled lamb chops and other manner of delicious food. I had a great time listening to the chatter and eating. Leon is a very good chef. 

Today I went to school and finished it all up and locked my door and left my keys there. I felt a tiny bit weepy. I don’t want to come back next year, but I am a wee bit sad that Ashley gets to teach Ryan next year and not me. Well. Such is life. And now I’ll come home and work in Huck’s office and make money and relate with cranky adults instead of cranky kids. We will see how it goes!



6 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Man, I shouldn’t have started looking through your blog. Now I want to cry about how much fun it was to live together in a sprawling old farmhouse, waking up to sip lattes on Saturday mornings and ducking out of sight from peeping neighbors. *stifles sob*


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