If Seasons Were Men


Summer is a big guy, mostly brawn and not much brain, who always causes a stir when he comes into a room. He’s tall, muscular, and usually sweaty, with red cheeks and blonde hair. He drives a jacked up Ford truck and sometimes chews a little ‘baccy when nobody is looking. He laughs raucously at his own jokes, which aren’t very funny, and while his company is entertaining, you’re not too sad to see him go.


Fall is tall and lithe, dressed in plaids and smelling ever so slightly of wood smoke. His hair is dark brown, slightly long, and a little unruly, and his dark eyes dance with life. His cheeks are ruddy with health, and camping is his favorite thing to do ever. Being around him makes you feel like a teenager again, with lots of vigor and life in your bones. When he comes around, suddenly the room feels fresher and more jolly than before.


Winter is dark skinned with black hair, and his eyes are dark pools of mystery. He doesn’t have much to say, but when he speaks, it’s always worth listening. When he enters a room, heads turn, even though he says nothing, because he just has a PRESENCE. His house contains a large library full of classics, in which he sits in a leather chair with a pipe, enlarging his world. He also enjoys sitting in the corner of a coffee shop, reading and people watching. Watch out, because he can tell quite a lot about you merely by observation.


Spring is short and pale, with mousy brown hair, and matching eyes. He’s a bit geeky, and very helpful-  the one of your friends on whom you can always count on to help you out in a pinch. He’s constantly trying to tan, but only manages to burn his fair skin and sprinkle a few more freckles on his red nose. Although he isn’t much to look at, he’s very witty and his company always makes you laugh.


3 thoughts on “If Seasons Were Men

  1. Sorry, but somebody needs to do justice to Summer and especially to Spring, since you most certainly didn’t! Love the other two descriptions. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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