A Walk in the Dark


It rained loudly while we were meeting in my room, so the air was freshly washed, and the night was a little cool, but barely, when we ventured out to clear our heads. We walked down, past the library, admiring the quiet houses on either side of the street, and sneaking up onto a tiny balcony we weren’t sure we were supposed to occupy, to look at the sky. A couple of the girls crawled between the rails, onto the flat roof, to better peer down on the quiet town. The thrill of the possibility of being chased out just added to the enjoyment.

On our way back, we peered in the windows of the little shops, since window shopping is definitely more fun after you can’t buy anything. Gaudy jewelry, weird little pugs with sunglasses, empty restaurants, awaiting the next day’s customers. The doll shop looked decidedly creepy, with its occupants staring out at us with lifeless eyes from the dark interior of the shop. The ancient windows in the two stories above the shop glared balefully at us as well, daring us to uncover the mysteries of their dark, curtained depths. We did not venture to find stairs up there, but we did stare back at them, wondering why they have curtains if nobody lives there, and wondering why some of the windows were open, to let the damp night air curl through the rooms.41eca022-2a21-4e33-9206-c1175e6e913c

Main Street simply begs for an iconic Beatles picture redo, so we gladly acquiesced. Perhaps they were famous musicians and we are just unknown country bumpkins in our little redneck town, but I think I like our picture even better than theirs. 🙂

How can one side of the street feel so mysterious and sinister and ghostly, when just across the corner lies my cozy little flat with its warm lights and comfortable, creaky floors?


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