Missing You


Tonight, I’m missing this Illinois sky and the people who go with it. As much as I love my charming downtown flat, there’s something about the vast, open, airy space in Illinois that can’t be beat, not to mention the goodhearted people who shared their lives with me for a winter.

Even with all the icy winds, and getting stuck in the snow, and the cows getting out of their barn and people pounding on our door to let us know, and the headache of planning the Christmas program, my Illinois winter still lives in my memory as one of the most idyllic chapters of my life. And why shouldn’t it? It was my first time living on my own for an extended period of time. I had a completely charming farmhouse to live it, complete with an honest to goodness attic and creepy basement. I got to experience lots of snow, and I loved it. The people were so welcoming, warm, and funny. Good combination, that. I could always count on popcorn at the Kennells if I stuck around long enough Sunday evenings. Oh, and best of all? So. Many. Tall. People! I felt positively short at times!



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