Questions For You

Following are some of the things I have wondered. If any of you can enlighten me on these perplexities, please do so in the comments.

Why is America referred to as feminine? Who decided that, and how come?

Are pictures supposed to go above or below the paragraph describing them in blog posts?

Why is draining boils so incredibly satisfying even while being gross?

Why does anyone ever complain about having brothers when brothers clearly make the world go round?

And completely unrelated, (ahem) why did Philip have to move away for TWO YEARS?

Why do shoe manufacturers think they can charge way more for a size eleven shoe than a size nine? Why, I say.

Why does my washer leave orange streaks on my clothes?

Since I am a housewife without the “wife” part, does that make me a house? “Hi, my name is Rachel. I work in financing, and I’m also a house.” Hmm.

Did Boo Radley actually stab his dad, and if not, why was his dad so mean?

Does anyone else (besides Rosie) watch YouTube videos of abscesses and boils being drained just for fun?


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