Five Links I Loved


  1. White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix is such fun to jam out to in the car. Does anyone want to learn that clapping with me? That certainly takes childhood clapping games to a whole new level.
  2. Spicy pork cooked in Dr. Pepper. I know it sounds weird, but it’s seriously good. Once the pork is finished, use the broth to cook rice, and try not to die of happiness while you eat it.
  3. I’ve been doing this quiz on repeat for the last couple months or so. Try it and let me know how you do. I still can’t ever quite get all the countries, but I’m getting better than my first miserable attempt.
  4. Aww Yeah! My new favorite response to public displays of affection.
  5. This home tour is just swoon-worthy, most especially the kitchen. Seriously, those rows of jars are enough to make any organizer heart-happy.

6 thoughts on “Five Links I Loved

  1. Aww Yeh!!! 10;30 P.M. is just much too late (in Honduras), to be watching things like that. Especially when you’re high on coffee.


  2. I got 100% on the geo quiz one time…and only one time. It took a long time to work up to that, but it’s paid off when people tell me where they are from and I don’t have to give them a clueless smile.


  3. Kudos to you! I actually originally found that quiz through you, so thank you. I too like being able to nod knowingly at the mention of obscure countries. 🙂


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