5 Tips for Finding a Roommate


  1. Look for a person who has lots of possessions you like,  and is somewhat in your size range. This greatly facilitates the sly transfer of precious articles from her closet to yours when she is not watching.
  2. Find someone who doesn’t like watching sad movies either. That way you can sit on her bed late at night in gales of laughter at the comedies you both enjoy. Bonus points if she likes popcorn enough to not mind the smell, but not so much that she won’t let you eat three-fourths of the bowlful by yourself.
  3. Definitely find a good cook. If you can do that, maybe she will make Indian curries and Amish butter noodles and gourmet salads and if you smile sweetly enough at her, she’ll give you some.
  4. A fellow-adventurer is a huge plus. Day trips to Asheville, flying trips to Pennsylvania, risky rooftop adventures under the stars, long walks in the rain, all these can be had if one can find the exploring type of roommate.
  5. Pick someone who despises conflict just as much as you do. That way, you can work in the same office, have the same group of friends, go to the same church, and live in the same house without many skirmishes. In fact, you can even do all of the above and remain great friends! My roomie = proof.

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