Five Things

If you’ve ever wondered what other people carry in their pockets, then Everyday Carry is the website you need to read. Above you can see a (somewhat edited, hah) version of what goes about in my purse with me.

An Ode to Alone Time by Stella Blackmon is an interesting guide to being an introvert in New York City.

These Foreign Lands is one of the more beautiful travel blogs I’ve seen in a while. Since a lot of the posts concern Central and South America, it’s particularly interesting to me.

Don’t you just want all these wooden gadgets? I especially love the clock and the keyboard and speakers.

If you ever need an Anne of Green Gables style apology for someone you’ve wronged, this ought to do the trick. I first saw this about eleven or twelve years ago, and now and then it pops back into my memory and begs to be quoted.



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