Every Fifteenth Picture

“Post every 15th picture!” they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said. So here goes- every 15th picture from my photo stream, except a few which I skipped because they were just published on here recently. My photo stream has an odd conglomeration of current and quite old pictures, which makes this even more random than usual.



Napoleon Dynamite/Rachel mashup. Decidedly disturbing. I downsized it so you wouldn’t have to see it up close. You’re welcome.

Wise words from a book I was reading. Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist. Such a fun read.

She sent me a selfie to wake up to when she was in Spain, or Portugal. Purdy. 🙂

From that time I went to Virginia for Sarah’s bridal shower, and we sat on the sidewalk, picturesquely drinking coffee.


What happens when Mia and I try to take pictures together.

Umm… I think this picture is Philip’s fault? Probably. It looks like something he’d send me.

Chai Pani in Asheville. Go. Eat the lemony okra fries.

My latte from Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, because one should always photograph latte art. Well worth my time and money.

Hah, this is what happens when one tries to photograph the Mocksville bike races after dark.

New England clam chowder in Chelsea Market, on my impromptu flying trip to NYC. It tasted much more exciting than it looks.

Um, ok?

Tricia!! My roommate from Illinois, now living in exciting and exotic places. Also, I love that she makes me look short.

Cathy and Tricia, who were some of my co-teachers in Mexico. They’re pretty awesome.


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