Five Days Until…

I board a plane headed for San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The leetle brother is there, waiting for me, and since it’s been four and a half years since I’ve been there, I think I’m probably even much more excited than he is. Having been through a super-duper crazy fall, crammed full of weddings, has also heightened my looking forward to this trip. It’s practically like a honeymoon, honey-free!

While there, I intend to:

  • Go to Erandique to my old stomping grounds, and sit in the park and people-watch.
  • Look at the sky a lot. It’s much more interesting there than here.
  • Maybe go to the beach and eat camaron al ajillo while basking in the glorious sunshine.
  • Tie the brother up (her idea) and go gallivanting with an old friend who is now married with a kid, and still just as sarcastic as ever.
  • Eat baleadas every chance I get, not to mention mangoes and zambos picositos and tamales and lichas and tortillas and coffee and tacos and OH! Can’t wait. Honduran food really is my comfort food.
  • Admire the leetle brother being all grown up and running a bookstore and living on his own. Possibly try to bring him back home with me, or just stay there with him.

I may be too busy eating and seeing and smelling and being for pictures, but I shall try to post for you if I can get around to it. After all, what is an international trip, if not to make everyone else exceedingly jealous?

And this picture, just for Rosie. Also, it should make you slightly less hungry for these things since they look like misshapen blobs. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five Days Until…

  1. Wow. I am jealous of your going to a Latin American country (even before you post pictures!). I’ve never been to Honduras, but I guess I know enough from your descriptions to want to visit!


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