Five Ways of Measuring Arrival at Adulthood

Leaving San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
  1. Buying airline tickets. Yes, laugh at me, seasoned world travelers. Does anyone else always have a slight moment of panic just before hitting the button to confirm? No matter how many I buy, every time…
  2. Shopping at Lowe’s for lumber and screws. That makes me an adult and tough, right? Okay, okay, the tough part is my imagination.
  3. Owning a lawn chair. Now that I have a chair to sit in beside every campfire I visit, I have officially arrived, and can join the crowds of true adults whose bones are too brittle to sit on the hard ground for hours.
  4. Subscribing to a newspaper. All I need are slippers on my feet to shuffle about in, and a pipe to smoke while I sit on my (nonexistent) porch to read it.
  5. Cooking a meal that contains both a main course AND a side or two, instead of just consisting of a bowl of peas. Bonus points if this meal is made for my parents. Nothing says adult like inviting your parents over for risotto and salad, right?
You can see the blue shelf made with the lumber I bought at Lowe’s.

What makes you feel like you have arrived? When you enjoy the pie crust instead of eating around it? Vacuuming for fun? Reading blog posts about adulting?


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