My Family

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PC to Gretta

We moved to Erandique in 2005 knowing approximately one person in the whole town,  and with just a little pile of belongings. With not much to do and no social life to speak of for the first while, it was inevitable that my family and I would quickly become either enemies, or inseparable. Fortunately, since my siblings are of the high-quality variety, it was the latter which happened.

In Honduras, instead of Valentine’s Day, we have Dia de Amor y Amistad, which means Day of Love and Friendship. The day celebrates a much wider array of loves than only romantic love, as Valentine’s Day does. So to celebrate, I’ll be posting short tributes to each of my family members this month, since they truly are my best friends. Stay tuned for a post a day, and if you’re my family reading this, commence to get nervous. Just kidding, mostly.

Disclaimer- the photos to follow are not all mine. Photo credits go to MelissaGretta, Goy, Michael and Rhoda, Merry and Micah, and Ryan. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone. 


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