PC to Gretta

Rosie is my go-to person. She’s the one to whom I can send my self-deprecating texts, my purposely awful snapchats, and my whining about feeling like a drugged cow or whatever, and she’s sure to have the right response. She is honest and straightforward, she’s smart and hilarious, she really ought to run a restaurant and write a book, and her skills with kids make the competition tough for favorite-aunt-award.

If you want to feel completely at ease with whatever you’re planning, put Rosie in charge. Everything will get done smoothly and efficiently and calmly, and if the silverware runs short or the food is cold, she won’t panic. Basically, Rosie is one of those people that everyone needs in their life when it’s feeling a little too chaotic, to remind you to calm down, and that you will live and not die.

Somehow the weird pictures end up being my favorite.



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