PC to Micah

We used to say that we couldn’t have two of our siblings marry siblings, but Micah decided otherwise when he picked Michael’s sister. And now, we aren’t even sorry.

Merry is a homemaker to the core, as is evidenced by her careful guidance of her children, her lovely little home, and the abundance of pies seemingly always in her fridge. She can make anything she touches beautiful, and her artistic sewing capabilities are in high demand.

Even better, she isn’t afraid of an honest conversation, and loves to fill her tiny home to the max with people she loves and feed them pie and discuss life with them. Pretty much, Merry is hospitality personified.

PC to Micah

3 thoughts on “Merry

    1. I know. I’m like, these are definitely the cutest, and then I see the next family’s kids, and they’re absolutely the cutest too, and so it goes.


  1. All the heart eyes. If it hadn’t been for Merry (and Micah!) my integration into North Carolina would have been five times harder.


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