The kiddos


It is only fair I warn you of what is coming next.

Before Weston was thought of, I didn’t quite get what all the hype was about. Sure, nieces and nephews were great, but it was just funny when their aunts and uncles got all mushy about how adorable and sweet and perfect they were. I mean, c’mon, it’s not like they’re actually that cute and certainly there are many other babies in the world that compare.

And then Weston was born. And suddenly it all made sense, somehow, because he really was the most perfect baby we could have dreamed of. Ten babies later, they keep on being the best babies ever.

So up next on the blog is a couple lines about each kiddo. If you are still in the camp that looks sideways at the gushy aunts and uncles, you may want to skip them. But if you get it and care to read on, each day there will be a new post about one of them.


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