Brandon Michael

PC to Rhoda and Michael

The brown boy was an exceedingly sober baby, and making him smile was really an accomplishment, as he preferred to just stare at you with his big brown eyes. He had a large vocabulary, and at a tender young age, instead of just saying “Bag”, he asked me, “Is that the purple bag you use when you drive very fast in your car for a very long time?”

Brandon has left his solemnity behind now, but not his love of words or his gorgeous brown eyes, and he can tell stories with the best of them. He is learning to read now, and loves to pass on the knowledge to his little brother.

His imagination knows no bounds, and I must share his latest brainchild with you. He wished to earn money for something, so he decided that if his mom would just supply him with several cases of paper, he could copy the Winnie-The-Pooh book, and then they could sell the original. Here you can see the beginning of his hefty undertaking. 😀 Also you can see the place where he donated some of his hair for the birdies to use in their nest-building.


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