Hudson Istenes

Can you believe they’re first cousins?


Before Hudson was born,  I knew Roman and Mimi’s children would be completely darling. I was not mistaken.

Hudson is serene and placid and super laid back, seldom getting his feathers ruffled. He makes friends easily, and if he takes a fancy to you he might come running up with his arms outstretched, as if you’re his best ever friend. He also loves dancing to music or to the sound of the KitchenAid mixer- whichever is available. Basically, he is a mini Roman in personality, only more so (not that I’ve ever caught Roman dancing to the sound of the mixer). He’s just learning to say words in English and Chinese, and he has a wholesome sturdiness you just can’t help squishing. 


Given the way he looks at French pastries, I think it’s safe to say we’re kindred spirits.

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