Alyssa Serene


Alyssa was born in the yard, too anxious to see the world to wait on the ride to the clinic. The winter she was an infant was a crazy one for her family, involving multiple moves, and fights with house mold and pneumonia. But she was the most serene baby you could have wished for through it all.

She is not too quick to make friends, but when she deigns to grace you with a smile, and even better, when she trots across the room to you and wraps her arms around your legs and calls you mama, you’ll be smitten. She’s learning to talk now, along with her cousin triplets, and one of her favorite words is “funny”, usually used after she thinks she’s done something humorous. She’s also a tough kid, and keeps up with her brothers just like her mother did as a child. She is also a sweetheart, and she may have me wrapped around her finger just a teeny little bit. 


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